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Guilty without guilt

Image This spring, the online service Netflix took up the topic of teenage suicide in the great drama series 13 Reasons Why. The creators of the TV adaptation of Jay Escher's bestselling book of the same name have received rave reviews, a second season renewal and the love of millions of viewers.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , the streaming giant will delight the audience with yet another highly social television project. Netflix has launched a five-part miniseries Central Park Five , which will cover one of the most high-profile cases about racial discrimination in American history.

On April 19, 1989, several teenage gangs staged a series of riots in Central Park in New York. One of those unfortunate enough to be in Manhattan park that day was Tricia Maylie. A 28-year-old investment company employee went on a traditional evening run, not knowing that she would be the victim of a heinous crime. Trisha was raped, beaten to a pulp and received five stab wounds. The police found the girl only four hours after the attack. Meili lost almost 80 percent of her blood and fell into a 12-day coma. Fortunately, the doctors managed to save her life.


Police soon arrested four African Americans and one Hispanic. The New York City Police Department announced that all five had confessed to the crime. Nevertheless, lawyers insisted that the servants of the law forced false confessions from their underage clients. The court considered the arguments of the defense not convincing enough and sent all five accused to jail. The teenagers' jail sentences ranged from six to thirteen years.

The case took an unexpected turn in 2002, when Mathias Reyes , a serial rapist sentenced to life in prison, announced that he was the one who attacked Meili . DNA analysis of the culprit showed that the " Central Park Five " was not really involved in the attack on Trisha . The men chose to prove that they were victims of malicious persecution and racial discrimination. In 2014, they secured a payment of $ 41 million from the New York authorities.


The miniseries will be written and directed by Ava DuVernay , who has already collaborated with Netflix on the documentary Thirteenth.

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Author: Jake Pinkman