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The Avengers Fight The Children of Thanos

Image The first appearance of Thanos in the MCU Marvel took place five years ago in the scene after the credits of the blockbuster "The Avengers". For a long time, the supervillain preferred to be in the shadows, but now he is finally ready to make an attempt to collect all the Infinity Stones and become the ruler of the Galaxy. The long-awaited confrontation between Thanos and the defenders of the Earth starts next year in the " War of Infinity ". As it became known at the D23 Expo festival, the third part of " The Avengers " will also give viewers a meeting with the famous henchmen of Mad Titan .

The official Twitter of the studio Marvel has published an intriguing snapshot from the exhibition in Anaheim, which shows sculptures of Thanos and four other antagonists of " Infinity War ." Comic book fans immediately recognized this quartet as members of the super villainous Black Order team.

In the world of comics, the members of the Black Order were ruthless aliens that Thanos sent to Earth in search of valuable artifacts for his Infinity Gauntlet. The first team members included Corvus Glave , Proxima Midnight , Ebony Goiter , Black Dwarf , and Supergiant. According to preliminary information, Supergiant will remain outside the film version of The Order , and Black Dwarf will be renamed Culla Obsidiana ...


Curiously, Twitter Marvel has named the new characters in the franchise children of Thanos . It seems that the writers decided to deviate from the plot of the graphic novels and make the members of the villainous collective the offspring of the main antagonist of the Third Phrase.

Talk about the appearance of " Black Order " in the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few weeks ago, when an actor was spotted on the set of " Infinity War " motion capture suit. In his hands was a weapon similar to the Corvus Glave glaive. Rumors only intensified when another snapshot from the set of the blockbuster hit the Web, reminding connoisseurs of the world of Marvel a scene with Ebony Goiter and Doctor Strange from the comics series Infinity . Fortunately for fans of the superhero franchise, the Infinity War team did not delay the official launch of the Black Order .


Infinity War will premiere on May 3, 2018 .

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