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Is Marvel preparing a response to Aquaman?

Image In difficult times for itself, Marvel was forced to sell Hollywood studios the rights to use a number of comic book heroes. In 2005, she began building her own MCU, which in the shortest possible time managed to become the highest grossing franchise in history. Unsurprisingly, Marvel bosses have decided to bring many popular characters back to their homelands.

Thanks to their efforts, over the past couple of years, TV series fans have been able to see such famous comic book characters as Ghost Rider and The Punisher on small screens. Rumors continue to circulate on the Web that Marvel is working on a Blade project.

Now the publication Bleeding Cool announced that another prodigal son, Namor nicknamed The Submariner , is ready to return to the Marvel universe. Several years ago, the rights to the comics about the son of the Princess of Atlantis and an ordinary sailor belonged to the studio Universal . In 2014, information even appeared that the Hollywood major intended to join forces with the company Legendary to work on their adaptation. However, last summer, Marvel Entertainment creative director Joe Quesada made it clear that the rights to Namor were safely returned to its creators.


It looks like Marvel is finally ready to launch a secret project about Namor . It is not yet known whether we are talking about a full-length film or a TV series, but Hollywood insiders claim that work on the adaptation of the comic book about The Submariner may start in Hawaii in the very near future. The Paradise Islands in the Pacific are also expected to host the crew of another high-profile Marvel project, The Inhumans.

It is curious that the film crew of the new blockbuster of the MCU DC - "Aquaman" is also planning to visit Hawaii. The underwater heroes Marvel and DC have been compared to each other for 76 years: Namor appeared on the pages of graphic novels in 1939, and Aquaman took place two years later.


It should be noted that to date, the official representatives of Marvel have not yet confirmed the fact of the start of work on the project about Namor .

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