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The road to a fairy tale

Image TriStar Studio begins to prepare for an exciting journey into the magical world of knowledge. According to Deadline, the Hollywood film company is ready to launch a film based on Norton Jaster's popular children's book “Cute and the Magic Booth.

The fairy tale by the American writer went to print in 1961 and quickly earned comparisons with such classics as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum. In 2007, the US National Education Association named Cute and the Magic Booth among the 100 Best Books for Children in Literary History.

The protagonist of Jaster's book is a boy named Milo, who is bored with the monotonous everyday life. One day, he discovers a huge box in his room, in which there is a booth for collecting road tolls. The little boy gets behind the wheel of his favorite children's car and drives past the booth into the amazing land of knowledge, where he will have to overcome the Mountains of Ignorance to save the princesses of Poetry and Wisdom from trouble.


The work of Norton Jaster has already formed the basis for the plot of the film "Ghost Booth". The 1970 tape was warmly received by critics, but did not make much of an impression on the author of the book himself. In 2010, an attempt to create a remake of "The Ghost Booth" was undertaken by Warner Bros., which offered to take the director's chair of the fairy tale to Gary Ross. Soon, work on the film was frozen, and then the WB decided to sell the rights to the film adaptation of "Cute and the Magic Booth.

Last year, the TriStar studio involved Mike Vukadinovich (The Runaways) in the script, and now it has finally decided on the name of the steering project. The family film will be directed by popular theater and television director Matt Sheckman, who has a track record of such series as House, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Game of Thrones and Fargo. Visually, the new adaptation of Cute and the Magic Booth is expected to be a mixture of feature films and 3D animation.


The film will be produced by Edward McDonnell (A Walk to Love) and Donald De Line (Legends of the Night Guards).

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