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Casting: Arms Smuggler and Surgeon's Wife

Image American Brendan Fraser , left without his main and probably most profitable character, is looking for a new use of his talent and finds it abroad. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the actor has become the only foreign participant in the Bollywood crime drama The Field . The film will revolve around the Indian Land Mafia.

One of the crime families gets stuck in internal conflicts after the death of the head. Meanwhile, an American emigre named Charu ( Fraser ) is involved in weapons smuggling and manages to deceive not only the state, but also colleagues and clients from the underworld. The character of Brendan such a foul play will one day come around, and he will not even fall into the hands of the police, but to the land mafiosi themselves ...

When the project was announced in 2014, it was assumed that Charu would be played by Ray Liotta. According to director Rohit Karn Batra, the reason for the ensuing acting reshuffle was not the refusal or busyness of Ray , but the script changes that made Fraser a more suitable candidate. “The more complete the story became, the more obvious it became that Brendan was the perfect candidate for the role of an extremely peculiar Chara . I am very pleased with his participation, because the opportunity to work with such an actor, moreover, in India, appears once in a lifetime, ”said the filmmaker.


It is known that the shooting of the new film Brendan Fraser will begin this week.

Nicole Kidman can participate in the project of Yorgos Lanthimos called The Killing of a Sacred Deer . The director is known as a screenwriter and director of the dystopic comedy drama Lobster.

The publication calls the new film"a psychological thriller about revenge, in which there is a place for the supernatural".According to the plot, a successful surgeon sees a certain teenage boy as part of his family and persistently tries to make friends with the old ones. At some point, the actions of an incomprehensible boy become absolutely creepy, and the doctor, in order to keep the situation under control, has to make an unthinkable sacrifice ...


Colin Farrell portrays the surgeon in this enigmatic production, and Kidman is to play his wife. Filming will begin in August.

Zac Efron is preparing to play in the project " The Greatest Showman of the Earth ", which will tell the audience the story of the legendary entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum , along with James Bailey who founded the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus . Whom Efron will portray in the biographical musical is still unknown, but the role of Barnum himself has long been assigned to Hugh Jackman, who is also producing the picture.


The feed should hit screens on December 25, 2017 , which means that work on it will begin very soon.

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