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The Unstoppable Wolfman

Image In the summer of 2014, Universal was unable to resist the temptation to follow in the footsteps of its competitors, launching one cinematic universe after another. Since the Hollywood company owns the rights to a number of famous screen monsters, its management decided to tie together the franchises about Dracula , Frankenstein , The Wolfman , The Invisible Man , Mummies and Creatures from the Black Lagoon .

Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan were appointed curators of the universe of monsters, who by the end of 2014 had outlined a rough plan for its development. At the same time, the post of the scriptwriter for the new version of " The Wolf Man " was entrusted to Aaron Guzikovsky ("The Captives").

Now the studio bosses have decided to rework the plot of the film. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Guzikovsky is to be edited by writer Dave Callaham , whose track record includes the film series The Expendables, a video game adaptation Doom and the recent Godzilla reboot.


Rumors began circulating in Hollywood this summer that Dwayne Johnson was considered the main contender for the lead role in " The Wolfman ". Rumor has it that the owners of Universal are so interested in working with one of the highest-grossing actors in recent years that they are ready to postpone the start of work on the film until he finds a free window in his busy shooting schedule.

The debut of The Wolfman on the screens took place back in 1941, and the last time viewers could watch the adventures of a werewolf six years ago. Joe Johnston's painting failed to recoup its $ 150 million budget, which prompted the studio's board of directors to undertake a new restart of the franchise.


The Universal manual is still keeping secret information about which movie should be considered the starting point of the MCU. It can be both the fantasy action movie "Dracula" from 2014, and the upcoming blockbuster "The Mummy" starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

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