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Product genocide. Trailer for ”The Complete Rumble”

Image Seth Rogen's associates, known for their unbridled imagination and caustic, sometimes balancing on the edge sense of humor, have more than once amused, amazed and put into a stupor even the most sophisticated audience. Their films "Pineapple Express: Sitting, Smoking" and "End of the World 2013: Apocalypse in Hollywood" made a lot of noise, and the black comedy "Interview" even found itself in the center of a loud scandal involving hackers who hacked into the servers of Sony . Naturally, all this only provoked moviegoers and fueled their interest in the new full-length work of Rogen and Evan Goldberg - a cartoon with an adult rating of “ Full of Rags ”.

In the center of the plot of the animated comedy are the well-known products from the supermarket, which, while customers do not see, come to life and share their plans for the future with each other. And they all dream of one thing - to be elected among the mass of other goods and to disperse to human homes. Only they do not realize that outside the walls of the store they will not have a new happy life, but in the literal sense of the word, death, and a long and painful one. Led by sausages, the edible heroes decide to fight people and take their destinies into their own hands.


Recently, one of the trends in entertainment cinema can be considered a plot, built according to the scheme "What do toys, pets, food, while we are not watching." However, Seth and Evan together with directors Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon made a real thriller about innocent victims from a banal adventure story human gluttony. Moreover, thanks to the efforts of animation artists, it turned out so ingeniously that after a scene of skinning a potato or bloody dissection of a tomato, especially impressionable viewers can think a hundred times before preparing a salad for lunch again ...

Full Rumble
Dubbed Trailer

How the epic confrontation between our most beloved sweets and their consumers will end, USA viewers will be able to find out on September 8 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman