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The less you know, you sleep better

Image Last week, we reported that Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to an American remake of the German tragicomedy Tony Erdmann, which many critics have called the top contender for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming awards ceremony. the " Oscar " awards. Today it became known that Hollywood intends to adapt another popular European film for the English-speaking audience. According to The Hollywood Reporter , The Weinstein Company has acquired the rights to a remake of the Italian comedy Perfect Strangers .

The main characters of the original film are seven friends who decided to have fun at a dinner together. During the feast, an offer arises to play a funny game, according to the terms of which each of its participants is obliged to put calls on the speakerphone and read all incoming messages aloud. It seems to friends that they have absolutely nothing to hide, but soon it turns out that each of them has their own skeletons in the closet ...

Last year, Paolo Genovese's film earned over € 17 million in his homeland and won two awards at the Italian National Film Awards.


The Bob and Harvey Weinstein studio will produce the film with Gianni Nunnari , whose track record includes films such as Seven, The Departed, Isle of the Damned and Silence.

The Topic of Article: The less you know, you sleep better.
Author: Jake Pinkman