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Azimov's ”Foundation” goes to TV

Image The adaptation of the seven-volume epic The Foundation Isaac Asimov , which had a huge impact on the development of science fiction, has long been a concern of the minds of filmmakers and film studios. However, Hollywood knows many unsuccessful attempts to film the cycle, which, however, does not stop the company Skydance - it intends to turn "Foundation" into a television series. The website Deadline writes about it.

A literary source set in the Galactic Empire. So far, everything is fine here, but the mathematician Gary Seldon , who invented the science of "psychohistory", predicts the fall of the Empire and the onset of an era of barbarism that will last 30 thousand years. However, according to Seldon , with the help of his science and the planet, where the best minds of the Empire will gather, it is possible to draw up a long-term plan to solve the problem and reduce the period of destruction to a thousand years.

At various times, the studio tried to film the cycle 20th Century Fox , Warner Bros. and Sony , the names of Roland Emmerich ("Independence Day") and Jonathan were mentioned Nolana (Interstellar). The main problem was the scale of the events of the original, the absence of one main protagonist and the non-standard structure of the presentation. In addition, many film makers subsequently drew inspiration from the works of Asimov , and therefore the adaptation of "Foundations" could become a repetition of what the audience had seen before.


It took Luc Besson 20 years to film his favorite graphic novel, and Peter Jackson spent years pondering how to transfer The Lord of the Rings to the screens. Perhaps now "Foundation" Azimova will be able to conquer TV lovers.

The new project for Skydance will be tackled by David S. Goyer and Josh Friedman. The latter is now part of the new Avatar team and also oversees the television version of Through the Snow. Goyer is known for his work on the Batman trilogy and the series Da Vinci's Demons and Constantine.

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Author: Jake Pinkman