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Home alone. Trailer of the movie ”Abode of Shadows”

Image After the release of the thriller "Split", the leading female performer Anya Taylor-Joy was bombarded with numerous tempting offers, and very soon we will be able to see her in one shot with the star of "Nymphomaniac" Mia Goth and George McKay, who showed himself perfectly in the owner prestigious awards "Captain Fantastic". We present to your attention a dubbed trailer for the movie "Abode of Shadows", in which these young but highly talented actors will face the realities of adulthood.

According to the plot of a dramatic thriller, British Rosa Murrowbon, taking her children, escapes from her husband and settles on an American farm, which she inherited. But soon she dies, and the guys decide to hide this fact so that the guardianship authorities do not separate them. It seems to them that they have found a place where they can finally recover from the shocks they have experienced, and now they just have to wait until their older brother Jack turns 21. However, the plans of the Marrowbon kids will be thwarted by a lawyer who suddenly appears on the doorstep of their house. The only chance to somehow rectify the situation is to seek help from a family friend. But she still has no idea what she is getting herself into ...

The project was directed by Sergio J. Sanchez, the scriptwriter for the horror film Shelter and the drama The Impossible. For him, "Abode of Shadows" will be his debut in a full-length feature film.

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The USA premiere of the tape is scheduled for November 16.

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