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Will Megan Fox Become the Gotham Siren?

Image Only yesterday it became known that the studio Warner Bros. has begun work on the comic strip " Gotham Sirens ", and today rumors have appeared on the Web about who can join Margot Robbie in his cast.

The director's chair of the film will be taken by David Eyre. The director of Suicide Squad has already tweeted a picture in which Harley Quinn was accompanied by Catwoman and Poison Ivy . It is possible that the studio Warner Bros. has already decided on the name of the performer of one of these two roles.

Bleeding Cool reports that Pamela Lillian Eisley , nicknamed Poison Ivy , can play Megan Fox (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles "). Rumor has it that the actress has already started preparing for the role and has even acquired a number of graphic novels featuring the famous DC supervillain.


Representatives of the studio Warner Bros. and the actress herself have not yet commented on this information. Fox has already participated in the work on the film based on the comics DC . In 2010, she starred in the critically-smashed western "John Hex", which managed to earn only $ 10.9 million on a $ 47 million budget.

Poison Ivy is ranked 64th on the IGN 100 Greatest Antagonists in Comic History list. Previously, the studio Warner Bros. already had to use the villain in the plot of their film and television projects. In the film "Batman and Robin" she was played by Uma Thurman, and in the TV series "Gotham" ( Gotham ) the image of a plant lover was tried on at once by two actresses - Claire Foley and Maggie Geha.


It is possible that in the near future there will be rumors on the Internet about candidates for the role of Catwoman . In September this year, the desire to return to Selina Kyle was expressed by the star of the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" Anne Hathaway , but the leadership of WB may prefer to start looking for another actress to highlight that Christopher Nolan's trilogy is not part of the current DC MCU lineup.


Recently, Catherine Winnick has also begun actively proposing to bosses WB . The Vikings star ( Vikings ) was considered one of the main contenders for the Captain Marvel blockbuster, but eventually lost the fight for the title role to Brie Larson. It seems that Catherine is not averse to joining the camp of the rivals of the studio Marvel . She recently announced to her fans that she dreams of embodying the Black Canary in the DC cinematic universe.


The premiere date for " Gotham Sirens " has yet to be announced.

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