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Fox Animation will do witchcraft and astrophysics

Image It seems that the weak performance of the cartoon "Ice Age: Collision Inevitable" forced the leadership of the company 20th Century Fox Animation to seriously reconsider their plans for the future. Last year, the fifth film about the adventures of prehistoric animals was trashed by critics and earned $ 470 million less than a fourth of the animation franchise. The latest news from the Fox Animation camp indicates that the studio bosses began to focus not on the next sequels of their animated hits, but on the original projects.

As it became known to the publication The Hollywood Reporter , the animation department of the studio Fox acquired the rights to film two children's books at once, which are currently only being prepared for publication. One of them was the debut graphic novel by the American writer and artist Molly Ostertag - " The Witch Boy " * ( The Witch Boy ).

Ostertag tells about the adventures of a 13-year-old teenager named Aster . The protagonist of the story was born into a magical family in which all girls develop a witch's gift, and boys learn to turn into werewolves. To the displeasure of family and friends, Aster does not demonstrate success in the art of transformation into animals and shows an excessive interest in witchcraft. When his brothers find themselves in mortal danger, the protagonist has to accept his true destiny and become a witcher ...


The graphic novel hits bookstore shelves this October. Its animated adaptation will be curated by Darlene Caamano (In the El Valley).

Fox Animation has also decided to bring the heroes of the novel Michelle CuevasCaring for and Taking Care of Home Black Hole ” * ( The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole ). The book by a popular children's writer tells about the 11-year-old Stella Rodriguez , who arrived at the headquarters of the NASA space agency with a request to leave a message on the so-called "Golden Plate" - a capsule with a message from earthlings to other civilizations.

On the way home, the girl discovers a black hole trapped behind her. Stella is left with no choice but to make a mysterious object her pet. Soon, the main character of the story learns that he is pulling into himself not only the terrible sweaters knitted by her aunt, but also unpleasant memories of the death of her father. When the girl's beloved dog is sucked into a black hole, she decides to face her own fears in order to save the animal ...


The book Cuevas goes on sale this September. Popular Hollywood director and screenwriter Matt Reeves ("Monstro", "Planet of the Apes: Revolution") will act as the producer of the cartoon based on it.

* - preliminary translation options.

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