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Donald Sutherland will receive an honorary Oscar

Image On Wednesday, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts announced that this year's honorary Oscars will go to cinematographer Charles Burnett , cinematographer Owen Roisman , actor Donald Sutherland and director Agnes Varda . The annual awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 11.

The decision was made during the monthly meeting on Tuesday. This was the first meeting at which John Bailey served as president of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts. He took this position last month.“Names of Honorary Oscars” this year they talk about the development of an international independent and mass film industry. We pay tribute to four great masters of their craft, whose works embody the versatility of humanity, ”- said Bailey .


Charles Burnett is an independent African American filmmaker whose work has received high reviews from film critics. The first full-length feature film, The Sheep Slayer, was shot by Burnnet in 1977. For the same film, the director received the FIPRESCI prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

Director of photography Owen Roisman has been nominated for an Oscar five times for his work on The French Courier, The Exorcist, The Television Network, Tootsie and Wyatt Earp.


Donald Sutherland began his career with small roles in British and Italian films, and in 1967 he became famous for his role in The Dirty Dozen. In addition, he has starred in great films such as The Field Hospital, Johnny Got a Gun, The Big Train Robbery, Ordinary People, Casanova Fellini and Best Deal. At the same time, the actor was never nominated for an Oscar, although he won other prestigious awards - Golden Globe and Emmy.


Agnes Varda has been nicknamed the mother of the French New Wave. It is believed that her first painting, "Pointe-Curt", became one of the key in this movement. She is the owner of the Golden Lion of the Venice Film Festival for the painting "Without a roof, outside the law." In addition, Agnes is still actively working for the benefit of world cinema. Her latest work is the documentary Faces, Villages.


The Honorary Statuette is awarded for outstanding achievement, exceptional contribution to the development of cinematic art and services to the Academy. In 2009, the honorary "Oscars" were awarded as a separate event. Until that time, honorary statuettes and other awards of the Academy were presented during the main annual ceremony. By the way, this time it will take place on March 4, 2018.

The most recent most famous honorary Oscars are Jackie Chan, Spike Lee, Debbie Reynolds, Hayao Miyazaki, Steve Martin, D.A. Pennebaker, James Earl Jones, Jean-Luc Godard and Lauren Bacall.

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