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True love is stronger than death

Image Films based on comics continue to cement their status as one of the most popular genres of modern cinema. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Amblin Entertainment is preparing to bring characters from Mark Watson's graphic novel Dan & Sam to the big screen.

Unlike many picture books, the work of an English writer and screenwriter is not related to superheroes. In the center of the plot of his supernatural romantic story, Mark decided to place a married couple who own a successful London restaurant.

Dan 's life collapses in an instant when his wife Sam dies right in his arms. But soon fate gives a man a chance to make sure that true love is stronger than death. Somehow magically, he gets the chance to meet Sam again once a year, but the story runs the risk of ending if Dan falls in love with another woman ...


At one time, the graphic novel Watson managed to win comparisons from critics with such famous love stories as "Ghost" and "City of Angels".

The adaptation of " Dan and Sam " for the big screen will be handled by Ana Nogueira , for whom this work will debut as a Hollywood screenwriter. Previously, the American was known to the general public primarily due to her acting career. So, earlier this year, she became a guest star of the seventh season of the fantasy drama "The Vampire Diaries" ( The Vampire Diaries ).


Amblin studio hopes to attract Oscar-winning Douglas Wick (Gladiator) to produce the film.

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