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Official: New Lando Found for Hanu Solo

Image A couple of months ago it was reported that Donald Glover was being considered as the main contender for the role of Lando Calrissian in the solo film Han Solo . Soon after, rumors leaked to the press that the main stumbling block was the actor's work schedule, but now Lucasfilm has officially confirmed that Glover will play Lando in the as-yet-unnamed Star Wars spin-off.

For Glover the role of longtime acquaintance Solo will be the most significant in his career. Started Donald as a screenwriter for television, later appeared in several TV series and even created his own. Last year, the actor was featured in the movie The Martian, and next summer he will appear in the solo album of Spider-Man .

In the original trilogy Calrissian , we recall, played by Billy Dee Williams. In the spin-off, viewers will learn more about the hero's past when he was a fraud, even before Leia and Darth Vader appeared in his life. In addition, insiders report that the film will explain under what circumstances Lando lost to Millennium Falcon Han Solo .


Alden Ehrenreich got the role of the latter in the upcoming blockbuster, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("Macho and the Nerd") will direct the work on the tape. The film is set to premiere on May 25, 2018 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman