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McQueen's Ride and Very Bad Johansson: Watch This Week

Image With the arrival of summer holidays, the season of summer blockbusters also starts. From year to year, the majors reserve the vast majority of large-budget projects for the hot season. And at the same time a solid portion of films for those viewers who take a break from their studies during these months. But first things first ...

The first part of "Cars" was released 11 years ago - a solid age for a cartoon franchise. Children grow up quickly, new viewers come to replace them. And in such cases, the creators are faced with difficult questions: what audience will the new part be targeted at? Will you manage to interest the matured fans? Will you be able to capture the attention of the new public?

"CARS 3"
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As for the authors of the triquel , they acted wisely: they made the new part much more mature than the two previous ones. It will be interesting to watch even for adults. As for the young audience, the highest level of detail will surely capture their attention and emotions.

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Scarlett Johansson is now at the level of popularity where she can choose whether to hunt her men in the form of a naked alien, carry out the orders of a high-class agent, or try to cover up the traces of manslaughter. It is the latter that she has to do in the black comedy "Very Bad Girls" . And let it not bother anyone that a bachelorette party that ended with the death of a stripper is very reminiscent of a bachelor party that led to the death of a prostitute. In Hollywood, it seems, have long come to terms with the fact that nothing new can be invented. Another question is whether the TV director will be able to deliver a really funny black comedy for the big screen? We will find out the answer next week.

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With enviable regularity, directors turn to the topic when the main character is locked in a confined space and deprived of the opportunity to touch the world around him. Someone turns it into an adventure, someone into an Internet drama, but the fact remains - everyone is interested in expressing their point of view. Next week, The Whole World , dedicated to a girl whose connection with the outside world is limited to the view from the window and the letters of a young man in love with her, will be released in USA. The tape is notable for the fact that it divided critics and viewers into two camps. The former received the tape rather coolly, while the latter provided it with a cash register that was three times the production budget.

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Not only Americans can film "Gravity" or "Passengers". Spanish filmmakers have prepared their reflections on the topic. The tape "Orbit 9" tells about a couple of people on the same space station. And also about what is happening behind the hull of the ship, about experiments in which the value of human life tends to zero. Whether directors from the homeland of Medem and Bardem managed to shoot a worthy response to Hollywood will become known in a few days.

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He and She is a typical title for typical French cinema. The love story, in which there is a place even for our great Fyodor Mikhailovich, is no longer so typical. And if you consider that the history of relationships goes side by side with constant rivalry, and all this lasts for 45 years, perhaps it is difficult to come up with additional arguments in favor of watching this tape. Probably, only the French can make a picture about relationships, Dostoevsky and rivalry, and even present it all under the guise of a comedy.

In addition to the films described above, the domestic melodrama “I will love you, can I?” and a joint product of Italy and Germany “Self-criticism of a bourgeois dog” will start at the box office next week.

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