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Children of the drug cartel

Image As the information portal Deadline found out, TriStar invited scriptwriter Sheldon Turner to adapt the non-fiction novel Wolf Boys by Dan Slater . The work on the film adaptation is headed by Antoine Fukua ("Training Day", "The Magnificent Seven"), who plans to act not only as a producer of the project, but also as its director.

The original tells the story of two American teenagers hired by the Mexican cartel as assassins. At first glance, Gabriel Cardona seems like an exemplary teenager - he plays sports, is smart, handsome and charismatic. But the guy comes from Laredo, Texas, where poverty is rampant. Soon, Gabriel changes its promising future to the temptation to become part of a drug cartel linked to the Mexican military command. Boyfriend Bart and a few other comrades also agree to work for the cartel and smuggle drugs in order to one day attract the attention of the organization's bosses.

At the same time, a Mexican-born detective Robert Garcia is trying to provide for his own family. When he begins to persecute the guys and leaders of the drug cartel, he comes face to face with the consequences of a war that seems to never end ...


In the filmography of Sheldon Turner you can find pictures of various genres - from the horror "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" to the blockbuster "X-Men: First Class". Also in the list of projects of the screenwriter are the dramas "Up in the sky" and "All or nothing".

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Author: Jake Pinkman