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Disney Studios Goes Ahead

Image With superheroes, talking animals and, of course, the Force, Disney is setting records in the global box office before the end of the year. According to the site Variety , the Hollywood giant had already earned $ 5.85 billion by November 1, thus surpassing its own achievement of the last year's sample ( $ 5.84 billion ).

This is not surprising, since it was House of Mouse that was behind the creation of the four highest-grossing films of 2016, three of which became billionaires, namely the blockbuster Captain America: Civil War ( $ 1.15 billion ), animated films Zootopia ( $ 1.02 billion ) and Finding Dory ( $ 1.02 billion ) and the Jungle Book ( $ 966 million ). In addition, the seventh episode of Star Wars made a significant contribution to the studio's achievements - although it was released last year, this year it has enriched the major by $ 736.6 million .

Earlier this year, Disney surpassed the milestones of $ 2 billion , $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion faster than other Hollywood corporations. True, House of Mouse has yet to break the record for the entire film industry, which was set by Universal last year, earning $ 6.89 billion . Experts believe that, thanks to future releases, Disney has every chance of surpassing the competitor, as the world cinemas will have to conquer Doctor Strange, Moana and the first Star Wars spin-off.


However, not all projects touched by the professionals from Disney turned into gold - the paintings "Alice Through the Looking Glass", "And the Storm Came" and "The Big and Kind Giant" did not find support from moviegoers, which resulted into the studio's loss of tens of millions of dollars.

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Author: Jake Pinkman