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Box office: USAns support Tim Burton's strange children

Image For the first time in a long time, the USA box office showed an increase in the profits of the twenty highest-grossing films of the week. Together they managed to earn 705, 5 million rubles. and stop the trend, according to which all previous autumn weekends were financially untenable. A new project by Tim Burton " Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children " unexpectedly played a key role in this matter. Of course, family adventure fantasy was originally the leader in the race for viewers' interest, but no one, not even experts, expected such agility from him.

The tape of the main Hollywood eccentric and storyteller Burton earned 414 million rubles in the post-Soviet space. Thus, she performed stronger than "Alice in Wonderland" ( 411 million rubles. ), which is considered one of the most profitable tapes of Tim . Film lovers who follow the work of a talented visionary and rebel know that recently he has not particularly pleased the audience with his original findings. The exception is the biopic Big Eyes, which is slightly out of the general Burtonian style. This deep, witty and rather personal film has collected only 49.18 million rubles in USA. So the return of the director to the well-known soil of dark and beautiful Gothic fairy tales played into his hands and was rewarded by the USAs.


For comparison, " House of Strange Children " is only slightly behind such box office hits in the fantasy genre as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" ( RUB 433 million ), "Oz: The Great and Terrible" ( 451 million rubles. ) and "Maleficent" ( 450 million rubles. ). Well, among the October game premieres, the tape showed the third result after “Stalingrad” ( 525 million rubles ) and “The Martian” ( 513 million rubles ). The distributors, after several previous failures at last satisfied with their headliner's starting performance, chalked up a share of the success to their complex and successful marketing campaign. However, the triumph of " Home " is more likely due to the fact that Tim Burton , who knows how to please audiences with a wide variety of tastes, is, in principle, loved by moviegoers. On the one hand, the filmmaker is supported by those who grew up on his uncompromising, freaky Batman dilogy, on the other, those who like deeper works such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Big Fish.

In any case, the calm sums both in our country and at home, as well as the predominantly positive reviews from critics became a compelling argument for skeptics who labeled the director “ Burton is not the same”.

ImageAccording to analysts, a confident start of the picture with Eva Green, Asa Butterfield and Samuel L. Jackson did not harm last week's leader, the pseudo-historical drama The Duelist . As regular readers of this column may remember, we wrote that things were not going well for the film Alexey Mizgirev on the first weekend. Nevertheless, he demonstrated the dynamics of fees, similar to that of "Ekipazh". The interest of domestic viewers in this tape decreased only by 44%, which allowed it to earn additional 86 million rubles . In total, the creators of the drama already have 289 million rubles.
" House of Strange Children " and another representative of the current top-5, the animated comedy " Storks " work for different audiences, although both projects are positioned by distributors as family projects. The lighter and simpler cartoon Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland satisfies the needs of young viewers and their parents, and in this niche he still has no competitors, which ensures his gradual surrender positions in the top five with the ability to earn. In the third week, winged couriers received another 43.5 million rubles. , and by the end of 18 days they have 255 million rubles .

No matter how much the reviewers scolded “ Storks ”, calling the animation picture uneven and secondary, its collections have already bypassed the results of “Lego. Film "( 224 million rubles. ) and, according to forecasts, will soon surpass the indicators of" Legends of the Night Guards "( 263 million rubles. ).


In fourth place in the box office was the disaster film Horizon Deep , starring Mark Wahlberg, Kurt Russell and Gina Rodriguez. Although the film's professional film community praised the film for its depth of filming a real production tragedy, word of mouth was not affected and there was no surge in viewership. The painting by Peter Berg received only 31 million rubles on its account. Accordingly, the drama also cannot trump with general fees: 127 million rubles. - an indicator that speaks volumes about the fact that “ Horizon ” will not see a long life in the top five. br />
The next part of the Blair Witch franchise started from just the fifth position, in the history of which there were both financial records and grandiose failures. Recall that the original film " Coursework from the Other World " became the absolute champion of 1999, with its meager budget earning a whopping $ 249 million around the world and becoming at that time the most profitable film .


But the recently released horror film with the subtitle " New Chapter " is not the same. The horror story of Adam Wingard and American filmmakers did not scare too much, and even domestic ones, even more so. As a result, those who nevertheless decided to give the format of the found film another chance, brought 28 million rubles to the sessions of this film. However, if the authors of the series want to count on more in the future, they will have to give up filming unnecessary variations on the same theme, as well as modernize some of the original finds that boggled the imagination 17 years ago, but now do not cause even a fraction of that thrill.

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Author: Jake Pinkman