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Cannonball Races Getting Ready to Start

Image The idea to give a second life to the " Cannonball Racing " franchise appeared in Hollywood six years ago, but it was only last year that Warner Bros. was able to complete a deal to acquire the rights for the film series. As the site Deadline managed to find out, the reboot has got a new director and a couple of screenwriters.

So, the text of the new version will be taken up by Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant , who previously worked on the "Night at the Museum" franchise, and the film will be directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber b>("One and a half spy"). It is noteworthy that he is not the first director whose name is associated with the project. Back in 2011, Warner Bros. bosses were eyeing Guy Ritchie and Sean Levy. Those, in turn, wanted to see Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller starring. However, then the major failed to conclude an important contract with General Motors , as well as acquire the rights to the original. Already last year, the studio invited Ethan Cohen ("Be strong!") To head the shooting, but he apparently dropped out of the project.

The original tapes were released in the 80s. They were about the participants of the transnational automobile race without rules, who were ready to do anything to win. If the first part was a success among viewers, earning at the box office $ 72.1 million , then the next two such an achievement could not be repeated.


Perhaps Rawson Marshall Thurber can restore the franchise to its former glory. The filmmaker is well aware of the comedy genre - on his account there are films "Spy One and a Half" , "We are the Millers", "Pittsburgh Secrets" and "Bouncers". Now Thurber is gearing up to start filming the action movie Skyscraper, which will bring him back together with Dwayne Johnson.

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Author: Jake Pinkman