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The Dirty Secrets of the Dream Factory

Image In 1998, the screenplay for the satirical comedy Cheating brought the eminent American playwright David Mamet a Oscar nomination. 18 years later, the Pulitzer Prize Winner has decided to tell the audience another story about Hollywood behind the scenes. As reported by The Tracking Board , Mamet will take over the director's chair for Move * ( Speed-the-Plow ) , the plot of which will be based on his play of the same name.

The main character of the story is the producer Bobby Gould , who was recently appointed to a senior position in a large Hollywood company. The filmmaker has a chance to justify the confidence of the studio bosses when his colleague Charlie Fox comes to him with an offer to make a film with the participation of a star of the first category. During a business conversation, Gould is visited by his secretary Karen . As soon as the girl walks out the door, Charlie offers Bobby a bet for $ 500 that he won't be able to get his subordinate into bed. However, the producers still have no idea that Karen is not at all averse to climbing the career ladder as soon as possible ...

Get Moving premiered on Broadway in May 1988. Joe Mantegna, Ron Silver and Madonna played the leading roles in that production.


Just a month after the premiere, the role of Charlie Fox brought Silver the prestigious theater award " Tony ". The witty-satirical story about the American film business also fought for the title of the best play in 1988, but lost to M. Butterfly ".

The film adaptation of Speed-the-Plow will surely boast an excellent cast. Over the years, Kevin Spacey, Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Silverstone, Alfred Molina, Lindsay Lohan and many other Hollywood stars agreed to portray the main characters of the play Mamet on the stage.


The film will be supported by Lionsgate , which intends to bring in Randall Emmett (Patrol) and Irwin Winkler (The Goodfellas) to produce.

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