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Nolan and Vintage Cars: Watch This Week

Image The release of a new film by Christopher Nolan is always a huge event, accompanied by hype in the press and solid box office receipts. This year, the three-time Oscar nominee will present to our court the war drama Dunkirk , in which he gave the lead role to the star of the pop group One Direction Harry Styles. Before that, the young man did not act in a feature film at all. Christopher himself says that in this case he was guided not by the logic and laws of the industry, but by his own instincts.

Judging by the first reviews from critics, the director's instincts did not fail, and next week the audience will be in theaters not only with large-scale battle scenes, but also with a convincing acting game. Recall that Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance and Tom Hardy were also involved in the shooting.

The plot of the picture unfolds in 1940 in the French city of the same name. In the center of the story, based on real events, will be the allied forces trapped by the enemy. The Germans pushed the soldiers back to the sea and blocked all the indentations from the beach. In response, the British Admiralty came up with a plan that saved the lives of over 300,000 troops. When hundreds of thousands of people cannot get home, the house itself goes to them ...

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Nolan is just the case when there is no point in speculating about whether a movie will turn out good or bad. Rather, the question is - good or great? The first critics are already choking with delight. They write that they have never seen anything like Dunkirk , that this picture can be considered the pinnacle of Christopher's creativity, that this is a true master class in directing. It is noteworthy that some reviewers call the soundtrack of Hans Zimmer almost the main character of the tape. And, of course, everyone agrees that you should watch the new Nolan in the movies and only in the movies.

ImageDomestic distributors are unlikely to be able to offer us something next week instead of "Dunkirk" , but together (that is, after, on another day, after we digest, most likely, the best film of the year) - please. The neighboring cinemas will show one American horror film and several European films of different genres.

For example, Blumhouse Productions and Dimension Films ventured to release their own movie simultaneously with the Christopher Nolan project. And among USA moviegoers there will surely be those who will be happy to attend the screening of the 19th film of the supernatural franchise Amityville Horror , subtitled Awakening .

Bella Thorne and Gotham star Cameron Monaghan starred in the horror movie. Director Frank Halfun tells us about a single mother who moved to a new home to save money to pay for the treatment of one of her children. The great picture "Awakening" is not destined to become, but it will definitely earn its pretty penny in our box office, without harming the collection of "Dunkirk" .

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After cutie Ana de Armas had the honor of inflicting suffering on Keanu Reeves himself in the horror movie Who's There, avid moviegoers began to celebrate other projects with the participation of the Cuban actress. One of them can be seen just next week. The Franco-American thriller "Overdrive" directed by Antonio Negreta tells about the adventurer brothers who specialized in stealing rare cars until they fell under the gun of an important criminal boss. From afar, the film looks like a tribute to the Fast and the Furious franchise, but on closer inspection it turns out to be not very exciting - rare cars cannot break the speed limit, the girls here are not hot enough and are inferior in beauty to landscapes, and the villains are not so scary. Scott Eastwood looks good, but his charisma has not yet grown to the level

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Another novelty of the week, psychological thriller Berlin Syndrome co-produced by Australia and Germany, may interest fans of chamber stories about the obsession and acting talent of Teresa Palmer, who even changed her hair color for the new role. Kate Shortland's painting tells how an innocent acquaintance with a sweet young man turned into a real hell for one frivolous tourist in a locked apartment. Berlin Syndrome is a film that is usually called atmospheric. You should not expect from him sharp turns of the plot (there are two options: either the victim will be saved or not) or some other intelligible dynamics - for almost two hours we are shown the chronicle of the relationship between the psycho and the captive. The director frankly relishes all the details of the nightmare in which the main character finds herself, including those related to sex, so that in the end the spectacle turns out to be very amateurish. But Western critics generally liked it.

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As for the novelties of the comedy genre, next week there will be two of them - French-Belgian and Italian. Crazy Neighbors Philippe de Chavron will touch upon the painful topic of immigration for France: according to the plot, one pompous bourgeois, in the heat of the debate, declared that he was ready to shelter at least a whole gypsy camp in his house, because his country is so hospitable. Tabor was not long in coming, and after a couple of days numerous Romale were already drinking his collection wine and chasing their pigs across its lawn. It is difficult to say whether this story will be of interest to USA viewers, but if one of our filmmakers makes a comedy about the Jamshut family who settled in the house of a USA deputy, there will definitely be a demand for this spectacle.

ImageItalian comedy Let's go to the damn granny will tell about two overage losers who came from Palermo to the boondocks to parasitize on elderly relatives. By the end, they will, of course, be spiritually reborn and understand that family ties are more important than money.

Young viewers who are not very interested in watching military actions and family squabbles can quench their thirst for spectacles by attending a show based on a children's fairy tale Hare School . The plot is solid goodness and magic, of the villains there are only foxes with chainsaws, and there is no doubt that by the end of the story they will all be left with their noses.

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