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Step Up Become a TV Series

Image Video hosting YouTube will master a new niche for itself and will start creating its own series. According to the Deadline news site, one of a number of planned projects will be a show based on the Step Up franchise.

The new series is described by the creators as an exciting and sexy musical drama, which focuses on dancers from the modern art school.

“I have been a fan of Step Up Movies for many years and have always believed that this franchise would make a great series,- the head of YouTube admitted Suzanne Daniels. -We know that the dance category is very popular on our service, and therefore we are incredibly excited about starting work on a show that celebrates this genre. ”.


The first film of the original film series was released in 2006 and managed to earn $ 650 million worldwide. The stars of the film Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Duan-Tatum will act as executive producers of the new series. His filming will begin at the end of the year, and the premiere should take place next year on the platform YouTube Red .

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