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Amazon will save the Nepalese

Image Sir Ridley Scott has always been considered one of the most hardworking directors of his generation, but no one could have imagined that in his ninth decade, the Briton would not only not slow down, but would start even more actively engaged in filming and producing films and TV series. Before the news came from Hollywood that the four-time Oscar nominee was not averse to making a screen version of Thomas Archibald Barron's fantasy saga about the wizard Merlin, the tireless filmmaker managed to find another intriguing project for himself.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott has decided to continue his fruitful partnership with streaming giant Amazon and has agreed to act as the producer of a feature-length feature film about the Second California Search and Rescue Squad. Previously, the British and the online service have already worked together on such popular series as The Man in the High Castle and Jean Claude Van Johnson.

The plot of the film, tentatively titled Task Force Two, will be based on an article by Vince Bizer, in which the author of The California Sunday Magazine spoke about the experience of communicating with members of the rescue squad during their mission to find victims of a series of terrible earthquakes in Nepal.


Young Hollywood screenwriter Jennifer McDevitt will adapt the article for the big screen. Ridley Scott's company as the producer of the film will be the journalist Joshua Beerman, based on whose article the Oscar-winning drama Operation Argo was once created.

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Author: Jake Pinkman