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Besson looks forward to the Valerian Trilogy

Image Although Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is just getting ready to premiere in theaters, Luc Besson has serious plans for a screen adaptation of the popular graphic novel. During the blockbuster's promotional campaign, Besson admitted that he had already completed the script for the sequel and was even thinking of a whole film trilogy.

“I prepared the text for the second part and started working on the third. I don't know if we can implement them, since not everything depends on me. It is up to the audience to decide. Friends ask why I even started a sequel, if its future is in question, and I say that working on the script brings me pleasure ", - admitted Besson in an interview with Nerdist.

Of course, the filmmaker did not go into the details of the plot of the second part, but he has a lot of blanks for new stories. Valerian is based on a French comic strip by Jean-Claude Maiziere and Pierre Cristin, first published in 1967 and with over 20 issues.


Valerian became the most expensive film in the history of French cinema, with a budget of more than $ 200 million . Judging by the reviews of critics, the new creation of Besson is quite capable of winning over the audience. Reviewers call the tape the apotheosis of the director's career and the largest blockbuster of this summer. Thanks to the stunning locations and incredible special effects, the picture turned out to be strange and beautiful.


The USA premiere of Valerian and the Cities of a Thousand Planets will take place on August 10 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman