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Henry Cavill does not part with Superman

Image In the wake of news about the director's cut of Justice League, rumors circulated on the Web that Warner Bros. has high hopes for Zack Snyder's film and is even ready to launch a sequel to "Man of Steel" in case the new "Justice League" pleases the audience. The Major is in no hurry to confirm this information, but happy days have come for fans of Henry Cavill and his Superman.

The journalists managed to find out that the actor is negotiating with the studio to return to the role of Clark Kent. There is a fly in the ointment in this barrel of honey: there is no talk of a sequel to "Man of Steel" yet, but Cavill may appear in other films of the DC cinematic universe.

Filming for the second Wonder Woman has long been completed, and the same goes for the new Suicide Squad. In "Batman" by Matt Reeves, Superman is also an intruder, so there are not so many options for Cavill - sequels to "Shazam!" and Aquamena, as well as Black Adam.


Apparently, while the WB management wants to turn Clark Kent into a kind of Hulk from the Marvel Universe, who has appeared in many films, but never deserved his own solo album. At least for fans of Cavill's Superman, there is now hope for the return of a beloved hero.

Source: Deadline

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