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Alexander Sokurov closes the film support fund

Image The non-profit fund for the support of cinema "Intonation Example", the artistic director of which is the laureate of international film festivals Alexander Sokurov ("The Sun"), is terminated and closed. This was announced by the director himself.

We Will Close Our Intonation Example Foundation next year due to lack of livelihoods, ”Sokurov said. According to him, the Ministry of Culture is behaving unfriendly towards the fund and the organization can no longer work in the conditions created by the department under the direction of Vladimir Medinsky. However, the Ministry of Culture said that they did not know anything about the situation with the Sokurov Foundation, and also stressed that the department had no right to influence the work of such organizations in any way.


The Nonprofit Foundation "Intonation Example" was created in 2013 to support aspiring filmmakers. The artistic council of the fund includes the film critic and founder of the Seans magazine Lyubov Arkus, film critic Andrey Plakhov, producer and member of the European Film Academy Andrey Sigle, founder of the independent opera house Contour Opera Artem Suslov. With the assistance of the Foundation, such films by young authors as "Deep Rivers" by Vladimir Bitokov, "Sofichka" by Kira Kovalenko, as well as the laureate of last year's "Nika" festival "Tightness" Kantemir Balagov were shot.

Source: LENTA.RU

The Topic of Article: Alexander Sokurov closes the film support fund.
Author: Jake Pinkman