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Universal to host Cuban holidays

Image Universal Studios will introduce viewers to the culture and traditions of Cuba. As it became known to our foreign colleagues, the Hollywood film company acquired the rights to the so far unnamed comedy script by Natalie Morales and Sirina Fialho.

The duo does not yet have experience in screenwriting in a big movie: previously, both girls were engaged in acting careers. Judging by the preliminary information, we are waiting for a story in the spirit of "My Big Greek Wedding". The plot will focus on a Cuban American girl who will have to reunite with her family and experience a series of joyful and sad events, including the baptism of a child, quinceanera, wedding and funeral.

Morales and Fiallo have Cuban roots, so they clearly understand the subject matter of the script. The film will be produced by Academy Award winners Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse).

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Author: Jake Pinkman