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Is it time for Ellen Ripley to retire?

Image Good and bad news for fans of the Alien saga. The main character of the story took second place in the ranking of the greatest positive characters in cinema according to Empire magazine. A barrel of honey was not without a fly in the ointment: viewers are unlikely to wait for Ellen Ripley's return to the movie screens.

It looks like the producers missed the point when Sigourney Weaver wanted to return to the role of Ripley. Several years ago, the actress became interested in Neil Blomkamp's script, which was supposed to erase two parts of the franchise and continue the events of James Cameron's Aliens. Fans loved the idea, but Fox took the series in a different direction and created two unremarkable prequels.

According to Weaver, a year and a half ago, the studio changed its mind and tried to bring Ripley back. The actress received a 50-page script proposal for Alien 5, but the project never got off the ground. Soon the rights to the franchise passed to Disney, and the fate of the film hung in the air. “I don’t know if I will ever be able to return to the role of Ripley, - said Sigourney. -Ridley Scott took the episode the other way. Ellen must have had enough horror. She deserves a rest.


Disney's management is in no hurry to reveal plans for the future of Alien. Let's hope they do include Ripley's return. The last time we saw the legendary heroine was in 1997 in the film Alien 4. Resurrection.

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