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US box office is in war zone

Image After three weeks of total Star Wars domination, the North American box office needed a new leader, the war drama 1917, one of the favorites of the current film awards season. The debutants of the box office did not stand out with particular agility, although one of them still managed to break into the top 5.

The top five US box offices for January 10-12 are as follows:

1. "1917"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: $ 36.5 million
Total box office: $ 39.2 million
Sank / Rise: +16 (+ 5809%)

The film by Sam Mendes is not formally a novelty: for two weeks it was shown in a limited release, but only now it has expanded its representation in cinemas, and, as we can see, quite successfully. The drama was expected to receive good fees, and two Golden Globes received a week ago allowed the film to earn much more predictions. As a result, it surpassed the starting results of Unbroken ($ 30.2 million) and Rage ($ 23.7 million) and almost caught up with the Survivor ($ 37.8 million).

2. Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise »


Week at the box office: 4
Added: $ 15.1 million
Total box office: $ 478.2 million
Sank / Rise: -1 (-56.4%)

The final part of the new Star Wars trilogy lost another half of the viewers, and with them - and leadership in the US box office. The film is already on the verge of a billion dollar mark in the world box office, but of the modern brothers in the franchise, only the disastrous Han Solo ($ 392.9 million) succumbed to it.

3. "Jumanji: The Next Level"


Week at the box office: 5
Added: $ 14 million
Total box office: $ 257.1 million
Sank / Rise: -1 (-46.6%)

In order to get as close as possible to the result of "Call of the Jungle", the new "Jumanji" should have protected its audience, and the film held on to the last. However, already last weekend, his box office dipped in half, and it is worth considering that the amount of $ 400 million earned by the previous part at home will not be seen for the sequel.

4. "Like a boss"


Week at the box office: 1
Added: $ 10 million
Total box office: $ 10 million
Sank / Rise: - (-)

Comedy by Miguel Arteta is the only new release of the week to make it into the top five. At the same time, the tape started weaker than expected and worse than such representatives of the genre as "What Men Want" ($ 18.2 million) and "No Fools" ($ 13.7 million). This is not surprising, given that critics smashed the film to smithereens, although the audience turned out to be more loyal to it.

4. "Just have mercy"


Week at the box office: 3
Added: $ 10 million
Total box office: $ 10.4 million
Sank / Rise: +24 (+ 12952.3%)

Like 1917, Destin Cretton's drama was shown in only a few cinemas for two weeks, but its wide release secured a direct hit in the top 5. The film started a little worse than "Harriet" ($ 11.7 million) and in a good scenario can count on $ 40 million in fees.

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Author: Jake Pinkman