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Korean Zombies Know No Mercy

Image Last year, Netflix aired its first own series in Korean. The addicting zombie horror game Kingdom has earned a fantastic 96% freshness on Rotten Tomatoes and has become a hit far beyond Asia. The experiment was so successful that the American online giant thought about expanding cooperation with Korean companies and creating another multi-part horror movie about the walking dead.

World streaming leader and Asian broadcaster JTBC are filming a digital comic strip called All Of Us Are Dead. In the center of the plot are ordinary high school students hiding from the zombie army within the walls of their native school. The director's chair for the first season will be shared by Lee Jae-gyu ("Fatal Encounter") and film producer Kim Nam-soo.


This year will have a special place in the hearts of Korean horror fans. Last month Netflix released the second chapter of "Kingdom", the film adaptation of All Of Us Are Dead became known today, and the premiere of "Trains to Busan 2" looms ahead.

Source: Deadline

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