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Jesse Eisenberg will save the world twice

Image The new film with Jesse Eisenberg, the thriller Vivarium, never made it to USA cinemas, and the Oscar nominee killed bloodthirsty zombies at the last meeting with USA film fans. The actor's next project promises to be more dramatic than another trip to Zombieland. Eisenberg is said to be adapting his own audio series, When You Finish Saving the World, for big screens.

It is noteworthy that the original is just getting ready for release on the Audible platform, but its film version has already attracted the attention of Hollywood stars. The film will be directed and written by Eisenberg himself, and the main roles will be played by Julianne Moore (Still Alice) and Finn Wolfard (Mysterious Events, It). Emma Stone will be one of the producers of the project. Kaitlyn Deaver ("The Incredible") is also negotiating about filming.

Eisenberg's audio series is a touching and expressive story of three people trying to understand each other and themselves. Young father Nathan is learning to be a father to his newborn son. Student Rachel is looking for her place in life and in relationships with other people. Well, the teenager Ziggy wants to understand where he comes from and where he is going. The original is a collection of interconnected monologues that take the listener from one time to another and cover a period of three decades.


It is not yet known who Moore and Wulfard will play in the film, but the latter will voice one of the heroes of the audio series, so he will likely play the same role in the full-length version. It is known that the adaptation will differ from the original, which is understandable - after all, you won't be full of monologues in the movies.

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Source: Deadline

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