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AMC will write the chronicles of vampires and witches

Image For several years, the series based on "The Vampire Chronicles" by Anne Rice has been rushing about in search of fresh blood. In 2018, the project found shelter on the Hulu online service, but it didn't go beyond the announcement. Last December, Rice began looking for new partners, and now AMC will adapt her works.

The network announced the purchase of the rights to film the works of Anne Rice. The agreement covers two book cycles - The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches. Insiders report that the bosses of AMC paid about $ 30-40 million. Such a high price tag is due to the fact that the company can create both films and series for any of its channels or streaming services, and the rights to it were transferred on an indefinite basis.

It is not yet known which of the projects is the first in the queue, but the most logical is the new adaptation of Interview with the Vampire. The work is familiar not only to fans of Rice's work, but also to film lovers: in 1994, the film of the same name with Tom Cruise in the title role was released. The film series was supposed to continue with The Queen of the Damned, but the picture clearly did not reach the level of its predecessor.


“I've always dreamed of seeing the worlds of my biggest series unite under one roof, allowing filmmakers to explore the vast universe of vampires and witches. The dream came true, and the result was one of the most significant deals of my career, ”said Anne Rice. The writer, along with her son Christopher, will be among the executive producers of each project.

Source: Variety

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