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Thomas Jane is a King fan

Image In the filmography of Thomas Jane, there are three tapes based on the works of Stephen King - "Dreamcatcher", "Mist" and "1922". Together with Courtney Lauren Penn, the actor decided to found his own production company, Renegade Entertainment, and another film adaptation of King will be its first project. This time, Jane will take on the novel Almost Buick.

The original is set in a small provincial town in Pennsylvania, where the police carefully hide an old Buick in their garage. In fact, the car, however, turns out to be not a car at all, but a portal to a parallel dimension ...

"" Almost like a Buick Is an exciting and very personal project for us,- Jane and Penn said in a joint statement. -An extraordinary mystery spans the 70s, 80s, 90s and post 9/11 and revolves around a son trying to figure out the truth about his father's sudden death. First love and grief, eerie and philosophical riddles are provoked by unexplained events that are associated with the very Buick. We are honored that Stephen King supports our vision of his brilliant and provocative novel. ”.


A year ago, to film "Almost like a Buick" another production company was going to, but the project was closed. The novel can hardly be counted among King's best works, but George A. Romero himself once wanted to make a film based on it, but that film also faced difficulties.

Source: Deadline

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