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Suicide Squad director plans to re-shoot The Dirty Dozen

Image Hollywood has long been in a crisis of ideas. Producers and studios, in search of a diamond, recall old films, play with formats and try to make money on the finished material in various ways. According to insiders, Warner Bros. remembered the cult action movie of 1967 "The Dirty Dozen" and decided on a remake. The company is currently in talks with Suicide Squad director David Eyre. Simon Kinberg, known for his work on the X-Men franchise, has been appointed as the producer of the project.

The plot of the original "Dirty Dozen" by Robert Aldrich focuses on a gang of criminals who are given a deadly mission as a chance to make amends. At one time, the picture made a lot of noise, being remembered for the abundance of violence on the screen, and the legendary John Cassavetes received his first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


Trying to attract exactly Ayr to work as a director is an interesting decision of the WB bosses. Apparently, the studio's management is betting that the experience of working on a very similar story will help to do something worthwhile. Moreover, David Eyre is a big fan of the original picture and at one time even said that "Suicide Squad" is nothing more than a comic version of the "Dirty Dozen". And yet there are some concerns about the director's candidacy - "Suicide Squad" caused very different emotions among moviegoers, and critics accused the film of excessive psychology and poor disclosure of characters. Therefore, if WB nevertheless signs a contract with Air, we will only have to pray that everything will not work out like last time.

source: Collider

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