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Monsters from the Past and Pixar Trolls: Watch This Week

Image In the first week of spring, a lot of fear, perverted fantasy and magic await you in our cinemas. One of the most promising premieres can be called the new cartoon from the Pixar studio "Vperyod", the main characters of which will try to return magic to our world, mired in gadgets.

For the feeling of fear and suspense will be responsible for the star of the series "The Handmaid's Tale" Elizabeth Moss, trying not to go crazy from the monstrous pranks of her late tyrant husband, as well as the heroes of the "Fantasy Island" remake, trapped on a deadly island, which will become a trap for them ...

In addition, Alisa Khazanova's new film about a 40-year-old woman in search of herself and a Brazilian drama, which can boast an award at the Cannes Film Festival, will be released.

"The Invisible Man". The tormentor knows how to wait

The Invisible Man
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Cecilia Klass (Elisabeth Moss) is the wife of an ingenious and very wealthy scientist who turns into a tyrant at home who does not skimp on humiliation and insults. One day, Cecilia decides to escape from the tormentor, and soon learns that he committed suicide, leaving an impressive legacy. But suddenly strange things begin to happen in the heroine's life, and the first explanation that comes to her mind is that the tyrant is actually alive and still wants to put her to death. And since no one wants to believe her, Cecilia is getting closer and closer to the edge beyond which she will fall into real madness. Lee Whannell's film is a remake of the 1933 film of the same name, which was not so scary, although it became a classic over time. In addition to the winner of a number of prestigious awards, Elisabeth Moss, the cast of the thriller includes Oliver Jackson-Cohen ("Haunting of the Hill House"),
Fantasy Island ". A place where everything is possible

Fantasy Island
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The Blumhouse project is also a remake of the fantasy series Fantasy Island, which aired in the late 70s and early 80s. Set in the setting of an idyllic tropical island, the filmmakers have added horror to the film. In the center of the plot is the mysterious Mr. Roarke, whose guests get a unique opportunity to make their deepest dreams come true. But they do not suspect that the transformation of a fairy tale into reality can turn into a real nightmare, and in order to escape from it, the main characters will have to unravel the mystery of the island. The project was directed by Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare) and the caste was chaired by Lucy Hale. The charismatic Mr. Roarke is played by Michael Pena, while Maggie Cue, Austin Stowell, Portia Doubleday and Michael Rooker will turn his wild fantasies into reality.

Forward. " In search of the missing magic

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New creation from Disney and Pixar studios will tell the story of two elf brothers who live in a world where there was once magic, wonders and flying unicorns. But then it was replaced by a variety of gadgets, and the magic disappeared as unnecessary. To return the magic, the brothers will have to set off on a dangerous journey, armed with an artifact - Dad's witch's staff. With his help, they can even get their father back, at least for one day. But before embarking on their great mission, they need to master a whole magical science in just a day. The project was directed and written by Dan Scanlon, known for Monsters University. In the English version, the main characters will speak with the voices of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland.

One breath ". How not to lose yourself

One Breath

Not a single woman in the world has dived 100 meters, and the main character of the new drama Alisa Khazanova will try, because she has nothing to lose. Behind 40-year-old Marina Gordeeva is an unsuccessful marriage and a job that has not brought any pleasure for a long time, there is not a single intelligible perspective ahead. A woman will decide to find new meanings in freediving, which is considered a very life-threatening sport. One breath - and she will plunge into a world where everything superficial fades into the background, and you are left alone with all your fears. Victoria Isakova played the main role in the film, while Artem Tkachenko, Vladimir Yaglych and others are involved in supporting roles.

The Invisible Life of Eurydice. " Hello sister ...


And for dessert, our distributors have prepared a Brazilian drama directed by Karim Ainuz, which last year took away from the Cannes Film Festival the Grand Prix of the "Special Look". The film tells the story of two sisters, Guid and Eurydice, whose paths in life diverged due to circumstances and too conservative parents. Gvida works at a shipyard and writes letters to her sister to another country, where she was going to go to fulfill her dream. But in fact, Eurydice remained in Rio and lives with her jealous husband. The lives of both heroines are full of suffering and adversity, but through decades of black stripes, never replaced by white ones, they will carry pure love for each other and the hope that at least everything is safe with her sister. Critics praised the picture for its many visual finds and an eye-pleasing picture,

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