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”Get up, Vitek!” Trailer of the film ”Choi”

Image Viktor Tsoi is a legend, and the news of his death shocked many. In his new project, director Alexei Uchitel (Matilda) decided to reflect on how the life of a person who, by the will of evil fate, became a participant in the accident that took Tsoi's life, probably changed.

Pavel Shelest was a simple bus driver. He always tried to do the right thing, but one sharp turn changed his life. On August 15, 1990, Viktor Tsoi's Moskvich crashed into Ikarus driven by Shelest. The idol of millions of people died on the spot, but Paul survived. Circumstances are such that it is Shelest who must take the coffin with Tsoi's body to Leningrad. On the bus with him are the musician's close people, who do not even suspect that they are driving the second participant in the fatal accident ...

For ten years Alexey Uchitel had been hatching the idea of making the film "Tsoi". The role of Pavel Shelest was given to Evgeny Tsyganov. Paulina Andreeva, Maryana Spivak and Igor Vernik also took part in the shooting.


Initially, the premiere of "Tsoi" was supposed to take place on August 27, but it had to be canceled. The new release date of the picture, which the Teacher calls a road movie with a melodramatic component, has not yet been announced.

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