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Reynolds and Ferrell will drag out a Christmas carol

Image It's hard to say how many variations there were and how many more variations on the theme of Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', but now one more version can be added to this list, this time a musical one, and two Hollywood stars - Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell - will tighten the Christmas carol at once.

The idea for the project belongs to Sean Anders and John Morris, who have already worked with Ferrell on the Hello Dad New Years dilogy. There is little information about their new creation. It is only known that their reading of "A Christmas Carol" is a musical, but what roles Reynolds and Ferrell got is unknown. Perhaps one of them will try on the image of the stingy Ebenezer Scrooge, or the actors will play the Christmas spirits who visit Ebenezer to set him on the right path.

It is reported that the project has now been submitted to Hollywood studios, although some journalists doubt that the new "Christmas Carol" will be supported by one of the major players in the film market. If the name of Reynolds is more often equated with the success of the future film, then Ferrell's last work, the comedy "Holmes and Watson", failed miserably at the box office and was crushed by critics to smithereens.


Before Reynolds gets into the spirit of Christmas, viewers will see him in Michael Bay's new action movie, the comedy Free and the sequel to Hitman's Bodyguard. Well, Ferrell will soon appear in the Eurovision song contest.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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