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Lina Headey will take the pointer

Image Showtime has commissioned a pilot for a remake of the popular and award-winning Danish TV series Rita. The bosses of the television network invited Lina Headey to the main role, she will also take on the functions of the producer. Christian Thorpe's original show premiered in 2012. It is reported that Thorpe will write the pilot's script and act as showrunner. In Danish "Rita" Mille Dinesen played the title role.

The plot of the dramatic comedy revolves around a stubborn teacher who uses not entirely traditional methods, who spits on bureaucracy and tries to find an individual approach to each of her students. Rita does not stand on ceremony with either the school administration or the parents who are mired in overprotection. She brings up her children in the same way, living without a husband and not denying herself love adventures.

In an official statement, Showtime executives commented,“Rita is a totally wonderful and totally reckless character who will make viewers laugh and cry at the same time as she challenges human hypocrisy day after day.”For her most famous TV role, Lina Headey has earned several Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe nominations. Thorpe may be familiar to our users from the horror film "The Fog", based on one of Stephen King's bestsellers.

Source: Deadline

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