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Fallout goes to TV

Image Online giant Amazon has announced the filming of the film adaptation of the cult series of post-apocalyptic games Fallout. Interstellar's screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, along with Lisa Joy, will create the TV adaptation.

The game takes place in the distant retrofuturistic future that the Americans envisioned in the 1940s. The resource wars ended in 2077 with a massive nuclear strike. The world was exposed not only to radioactive danger, but also to a virus infection as a result of the leak of an experimental secret technology.

In Fallout, the severity and severity of survival in the resulting wastelands are contrasted with the utopian dreams of previous generations of a better world with nuclear energy. The seriousness of the story is mixed with the ironic humor of the mid-20th century Category B films.


The producers faded that they considered Fallout one of the best games of our time:“Each chapter in this insanely fun game has cost us countless hours away from family and friends. Therefore, we are very pleased to bring this huge, full of destruction and dark humor story to the screen in collaboration with Amazon Studios. ”.

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