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The American Mafia Wakes Up

Image Showtime decided to challenge the Sopranos and began developing a drama about one of America's first mafia families. Brian Graser, Terence Winter and Nicholas Pileggi became the creators of the so far unnamed project. The plot of the upcoming show is centered around the rise of New World crime bosses and the history of the emergence of corruption in America.

Winter's screenplay ("The Wolf of Wall Street") was inspired by Pileggi's extensive research into the history of organized crime in the United States. The most famous novels by Pileggi "Clever" and "Casino" were the basis of Martin Scorsese's gangster films. The writer not only took part in the creation of the film adaptation of Goodfellas, but also collaborated with the famous director on the filming of the recent film The Irishman.

Oscar-winning Grazer, who worked on A Beautiful Mind and the detective thriller Lie to Me, will executive produce the series.

Source: Deadline

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