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Top 10 USAn actors in ten years

Image The professional edition "Bulletin of the kinoprokatchika" published the top 10 USA actors of the decade, compiled by the magazine's analysts. To assess the activities of the list participants, nine factors were taken into account for the period from 2010 to 2019: the total number of films, the number of main roles, participation in foreign projects, involvement in the advertising campaign of the film, awards and nominations for film awards, the level of media coverage, the number of followers on Instagram, the amount the budgets of the five most expensive projects, the total attendance of the five most successful tapes. In addition, only full-length game projects were taken into account, which grossed at least 10 million rubles at the box office, or those films for the role in which the actor was nominated for a prize or award.

Danila Kozlovsky ("Duhless", "Legend # 17", "Crew") tops the list due to the largest number of leading roles and the highest involvement in advertising campaigns. Lagging behind the leader in terms of the number of leading roles, but ahead in terms of media coverage, Alexander Petrov (“Text”, “Ice”, “Attraction”) is in second place. The career of Pyotr Fedorov (Icebreaker, Duelist) is developing a little less successfully, but in third place he is held by the combined audience of the five highest-grossing projects - a little less than 20 million people. Ivan Urgant got the fourth place thanks to the popular evening show and the Yolki franchise, and Vladimir Mashkov ("Moving Up", "Crew") secured the fifth place with a job with famous directors and prestigious awards.


As a result, the list looks like this:

1. Danila Kozlovsky

2. Alexander Petrov

3. Peter Fedorov

4. Ivan Urgant

5. Vladimir Mashkov

6. Dmitry Nagiev

7. Konstantin Khabensky

8. Fyodor Bondarchuk

9.Sergey Svetlakov

10. Milos Bikovich

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Author: Jake Pinkman