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Kirk Douglas died

Image The sad news came from Hollywood. The legendary actor, producer, director and philanthropist Kirk Douglas has died in the USA at 104 years old.

Kirk was born into a family of migrants from the Belarusian city of Chausy. Adaptation to life overseas was difficult: the family did not have enough money even for bread and milk. To help his parents and six sisters, Kirk took any job from an early age. Before becoming an actor, he changed about forty professions.

The boy got carried away by the stage thanks to the school theater group. Douglas did not have the money to pay for the institute, so he agreed with the dean that he would work as a gardener and cleaner. After graduation, Kirk became interested in the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts. The guy was so talented that the owners of the educational institution gave him a special scholarship.

Two years later, Kirk volunteered for the United States Navy. Douglas went through almost the entire Second World War: he was discharged for medical reasons in 1944. The actor settled in New York and began working in theater and radio. His first major film role was Wheat Sterling in Out of the Past noir.


Within a couple of years, Douglas was talked about as one of the most promising actors of the golden era of Hollywood. In 1950, the "Champion" tape brought Kirk his first Oscar nomination. Three years later, the actor again fought for the main film award in the world for his role in the film "Angry and Beautiful". The third and last acting nomination was received in 1957 for his work on the image of Vincent Van Gogh in the drama Lust for Life. Curiously, the American Academy ignored one of the most famous roles of Douglas - Spartacus from Stanley Kubrick's epic of the same name. As a result, the actor found the golden statuette only in 1996, when he received a prize for his contribution to the art of cinema.


Kirk could have won an Oscar back in the mid-70s if he hadn't made a beautiful gesture and transferred the rights to film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to his son Michael. Douglas Sr. will remain in the memory of millions of people not only as a talented actor, but also as a generous philanthropist. Kirk has rehabilitated several hundred Los Angeles playgrounds, opened homelessness, Alzheimer's and orphaned centers, and supported Dalton Trumbo and other blacklisted screenwriters during the Hollywood witch hunt.

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Author: Jake Pinkman