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Kurzel, Cretton, Winterbottom: watch this week

Image The last weekend of February will be a real feast of the spirit for connoisseurs of auteur cinema, and this is not necessarily about an arthouse, but specifically about directors with a baggage of unconventional works and their own vision. The closest to the mainstream novelty can be called the action "Akimbo Cannons", the localized name for which we came up with the whole world. The Potter star in this tape will try on the image of a simple guy in a difficult situation: with pistols fastened to his hands, he will have to play a game of survival. Another story from the series "the fittest survives" will be told by Australian Justin Kurzel, who decided to tell the world an unexpected look at the legendary bandit Ned Kelly and his henchmen.

Also on the big screens will be a new film by Destin Cretton, who shot the poignant drama "Castle of Glass", and another creation of the outstanding Briton Michael Winterbottom. All in all, USA distributors decided to present more than a dozen premieres to the public next week, as usual, we chose the five most intriguing ones for review.

Akimbo Cannons ". Bazooka hands come into play

Akimbo Cannons
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The plot of Jason Lee Howden ("Fatal Orgasm") revolves around the simple video game developer. Miles's boring existence was spiced up by a team of thugs that burst into his apartment at night. Waking up, the guy found that now he is a walking man-pistol, and a real weapon is screwed to his hands, and ahead of him is a not entirely voluntary participation in a survival show. To save himself, Miles needs to kill Nyx - the champion who has not lost a single battle. The main role in the film is played by Daniel Radcliffe, and he was accompanied by horror star Samara Weaving, as well as Reese Darby and Ned Dennehy.

The True Story of the Kelly Gang ". "Nothing scares like madness"

The True Story of the Kelly Gang
Dubbed Trailer

The new work of Justin Kurzel, who directed the shocking "Snow City" and the controversial "Assassin's Creed", tells the story of the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, from the mention of whose name local cops had a nervous tic. His daring bank robberies and brutal murders of police officers were legendary, and an impressive reward was assigned to his head. As planned by the director, despite the fact that law and society considered Ned and his gang to be desperate thugs worthy of the gallows, in fact he was something like the Australian version of Robin Hood. It is from this point of view that the film was shot. The cast of the crime drama includes George McKay, Essie Davis, Charlie Hunnam and Russell Crowe.

Translators ". We are not guilty ...

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The dramatic thriller by the French director Regis Rouenzard tells the story of a group of super-professional translators, united by the client into a team to work on the secret manuscript of the final part of the popular writer’s trilogy. To prevent information leakage during the simultaneous translation of text into several world languages, all participants in the process are locked in an isolated bunker. However, it didn't work, and when a hacker steals the first ten pages of the book and demands ransom, translators will have to go through a serious test of the strength of their physical abilities and nervous system. The thriller stars Lambert Wilson (The Matrix Reloaded), Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion), Alex Lowther (The End of the *** World) and Eduardo Noriega (Perfect Strangers).

Just have mercy. " Justice Above All

Just Have Mercy
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Based on a true story, Destin Cretton's heartbreaking drama follows lawyer Brian Stevenson, who had Walter McMillian, who was sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit, as one of the first cases. Many years later, Stevenson will become the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, which will protect the poor, unjustly accused, women and children, but in the meantime he has a long, and very dangerous, journey to save the life of one black man. Brian is played by Michael B. Jordan in the film, and his client is played by Jamie Foxx. Brie Larson, who has already starred in Cretton's Short Term 12 and Glass Castle, also joined the cast of the drama.

Greed. " Everything for the sake of the image

Duplicate Trailer

Another filmmaker with his own unique style, Michael Winterbottom ("24-hour Party People"), will present to our viewers the comedy drama "Greed", which in fact will talk about almost all deadly sins. The protagonist is a billionaire who made his fortune selling fashionable clothes (of course, played by the director's muse - irresistible in any image of Steve Coogan). He bathes in luxury, not really thinking about morality, he loves to have fun and shock the audience. But sooner or later, such a lifestyle inevitably leads to the fact that some stupid gossip will ruin your entire image, and you will have to somehow get out. For example, arrange gladiator fights or start a look-alike show ... Coogan was accompanied on the screen by the brilliant Isla Fisher, as well as the star of the series "Sex Education" Ace Butterfield.

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