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The New Mutants are safe and sound

Image The epic with the filming of New Mutants could form the basis of a separate film. The movie comic was filmed back in 2017, but disrupted reshoots and the constant postponement of the premiere date did not allow the tape to reach the big screens. Director Josh Boone, as promised, filmed a horror about teenagers with supernormal abilities, but 20th Century Fox did not dare to release it, and after the deal with Disney, the project went to gather dust on the shelves of the House of Mouse.

It seemed that the Walt Disney Corporation would definitely not show the audience a film that was strikingly different from the Marvel blockbusters, filmed under the strict control of the studio's management. However, the bosses of the House of Mouse took a chance, and, according to Boone, "The New Mutants" will hit the screens this year in its original form - as the filmmaker himself sees them.

In his Instagram Boone wrote that the new trailer for "New Mutants" will be released in a few days, and the world premiere of the horror will take place on April 3. When asked by one of the subscribers about which version of the picture Disney will release, Boone said that this would be his vision of the story.


History knows many examples when films that were postponed for a while were eventually released, but showed depressing results. Thriller "Reproduction" with Keanu Reeves in the title role was a complete disappointment, and "Games of Minds" after long litigation still got to the theaters, but collected negligible. It is hoped that all the offscreen twists and turns of "New Mutants" are in the past and will in no way affect the film's box office potential. Still, Hollywood rarely pleases viewers with superhero horror movies. The main thing is that the "New Mutants" do not go to the bottom, as it was with the last "Fantastic Four".

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