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Gustface has gathered a gang

Image Earlier, the creators of the fifth "Scream" announced the return of the heroes Courteney Cox and David Arquette in the sequel, but fans of the franchise were eagerly awaiting news about the main obsession with Gostface - Sidney Prescott. Actress Neve Campbell, who played it, sat down at the negotiating table with Paramount and Spyglass studios in May, but only now she has officially signed up to shoot in the new part of the film series.

Together with Neve Campbell, another actress who has already met Goustface joined the cast of the sequel: Marley Shelton will return to the role of Deputy Sheriff Judy Hicks. We remind you that she appeared in the fourth "Shout", where she managed to catch a bullet, but survived.

The additions to the horror team do not end there. The creators of Scream will freshen up the franchise with a bunch of new faces that will likely play cat and mouse with Gustface. Earlier, the list of potential victims of the maniac included Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. Now a regiment of young people has arrived: roles in the fifth part went to Dylan Minnette ("13 Reasons Why"), Mason Gooding ("Education"), Kyle Gallner ("Strangers"), Jasmine Savoy Brown ("Will") and Mickey Madison (" Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood ").


Filming for the new "Scream" is set to begin this fall and is set to premiere on January 14, 2022. The sequel will be directed by Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillett (I'm Going to Search).

Source: Deadline

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