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Will Zach Snyder Build a DC Animated Universe?

Image Looks like Zach Snyder may return to leadership positions in the DC Universe. However, this time it will not be about game projects, but about animation film and television projects.

Snyder served as curator of the superhero universe from 2013 to 2017, but has lost the trust of Warner Bros. after the Justice League premiere. The film comics had such a large budget that it did not have enough $ 658 million to reach the level of self-sufficiency.

Zach can prove he was not the main culprit in the failure. This spring, the studio gave the go-ahead for a director's cut of the film. As you know, Snyder left the project due to a family tragedy, when about six months remained before the release. The previous management of the WB decided to reshape the blockbuster and invited Joss Whedon to the director's chair. As a result, the picture that Zach was filming came out on the screens at all.


If the director's cut of The League is a hit, Snyder will regain the credibility of the studio. There is talk on the web that the WB will donate one of its online services for the construction of a new DC animated universe. Zach looks like a worthy candidate for the role of her curator, because he is familiar not only with the hits of DC Comics, but also the world of animation for the work on Legends of the Night Watch.

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