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Netflix will move to the cursed ranch

Image Recently, Netflix has begun to acquire subscribers not only through TV shows, but also films of its own production. Unsurprisingly, the online service has begun scouring the internet for fresh ideas. Today Netflix caught the action-packed story “My wife and I bought a ranch” from the Internet.

Matt Quirey's work has been released in six parts on Reddit. In the center of the plot - a couple in love who bought a dream ranch in Idaho. As soon as the doves unpacked their things, the neighbors dropped in and told creepy stories about the local evil spirit. The main characters of the story twisted their fingers at their temples, but it soon became clear that an uninvited guest was really breaking into their house ...

The story deserves comparison with the books of Stephen King and the films of M. Night Shyamalan. This was enough for Netflix to pay the author a seven-figure sum. The adaptation of the horror will be done by the writer's brother - a young screenwriter Harrison Quiry. James Wang (Aquaman) and Sean Levy (Mysterious Events) are being matched to the production team.

Source: Deadline

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