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Alexey Uchitel will shoot a film about Shostakovich

Image The director of the historical drama "Matilda" and the film "Space as a Premonition" based on real events took on a new project. Earlier it was reported that Alexei Uchitel was preparing a picture of the legendary Leningrad Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich, which, according to the director, was not intended as a biopic of the composer. However, judging by the latest news, the director's plans have changed. Instead of transferring the story of Shostakovich's work to the screen, Alexey Uchitel in his new film decided to tell about the musician's life.

The script for a biographical drama about a musical classic was based on the book by Oksana Dvornichenko “Dmitry Shostakovich. Journey". The tape tells about Dmitry Dmitrievich's unusual illness: fear of movement. To get advice about an incomprehensible ailment, the composer went to America on the Mikhail Lermontov cruise ship. The causes of Shostakovich's illness should be sought in the past: a denunciation from a rejected lover, a break with his wife and a sudden call from Stalin. Despite the disappointing forecasts of the doctors, the composer's thirst for life and fortitude turned out to be stronger - the journey prepared the last creative ascent of Shostakovich.

The production of the upcoming film will be carried out by Alexey Uchitel's studio "Rock".

Source: "Kino-Teatr.Ru"

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