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Emma McKay to play Emily Bronte

Image Famous for the TV series "Sex Education" actress Emma McKay got the main role in the biographical drama Emily, which tells about the life of the writer Emily Bronte, author of "Wuthering Heights". The film will be directed by Frances O'Connor, for whom this project will be the director's debut, and she will also write the script. Filming will start early next year.

Joe Alvin, Fien Whitehead and Emily Beecham joined the cast of the biopic alongside Emma. Joe will play the main character's conflicted lover, Fien will embody the image of her inspiring but self-destructive brother, and Beecham will play the role of Charlotte Bronte, Emily's sister and co-author.

“Emily Bronte's work and words are full of passion, emotion, violence and ruthless intellect, Frances O'Connor commented on her choice. -By creating an imaginary life for her on screen, we will bring Emily back to life for the audience. This will be a story about a young woman who, despite all the consequences, was able to accept her nature and form as a real person ”.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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